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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Korn Singer Interviewed At Edgefest

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis was interviewed by the Fort Worth, Texas radio station KDGE The Edge 102.1 FM prior to the band's May 9, 2009 performance at the Edgefest at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco, Texas. Watch the chat at this location.

Korn has been working on material for a new album with the band's original producer Ross Robinson. Davis told The Pulse of Radio that the group intends to get back to the sound of its early CDs. "It's gonna be very raw, it's gonna be old school like the first Korn records," he said. "Basically, it's gonna be recorded as a four-piece band, with just Munky on guitars and Fieldy [bass] and Ray [Luzier; drums] and me. We really want to go back to that old-school vibe. It was just really intense and emotional and, you know, I have a lot of built-up aggression toward certain things that I need to get out for this record."
Davis said that many of the lyrics on the upcoming album will deal with the topic of organized religion.

Ex-Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch left the band after becoming a born-again Christian, and Fieldy discusses his conversion to Christianity in a memoir that was published in March.

The band will be looking for a home for the yet-to-be-titled disc since completing its two-album deal with Virgin Records in 2007.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Blink 182, Motion City Soundtrack Albums In The Works

Blink-182 frontman Mark Hoppus says the band has already written a number of new songs, but don't expect a follow-up to 2003's self-titled smash before the big reunion tour this summer.

"We started writing a few months ago and got well into the writing process, but now we've kind of put the recording of the next album on hold and are doing rehearsals for the upcoming tour," Hoppus told

After a four-year hiatus, Hoppus, Travis Barker and Tom DeLonge appeared on stage at the 2009 Grammy Awards and announced their reformation as Blink-182.

Hoppus has also been busy in the studio with Motion City Soundtrack, producing the band's fourth album - and major-label debut - for Columbia Records. Hoppus last worked with the group on it's sophomore release, 2005's "Commit This To Memory."

"I think that 'Memory' is a really great record," Hoppus said. "For me, it encapsulates what Motion City Soundtrack is and can do. Now they want to make a record that's along those lines but pushes it even further."

As for the Minnesota-based electro-pop band's new material, Hoppus says fans will hear a heavier, more experimental side of the group. "There's an edge on this record that I'm really excited about getting into," he said. "But it still has all the catchiness of everything that I personally love about Motion City Soundtrack. As a fan, it's really exciting to get to work with them again and help them flesh out this new vision of themselves."

With a long-standing friendship and mutual respect, Hoppus does not rule out the possibility of taking Motion City Soundtrack out on tour with his newly reunited Blink-182. "We're still booking the Blink tour for this summer, so we'll see how that all ends up working out," he said. "I would love to tour with Motion City. They're a really cool band to tour with and they're great live, so I wouldn't be angry at that."

As for his full plate, the 37-year-old bassist/producer isn't complaining. "I felt like I had a couple of years to kind of relax, and I love those years, but there's a lot going on right now and it's a lot of fun."

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Blink 182 To Tour With Weezer This Summer? is reporting that the newly reformed Blink-182 will be hitting the concert circuit this summer with Weezer being their main supporting act.

The site claims that an "inside source" confirmed to them that the rumors of Blink-182 and Weezer touring this summer were in fact true. No tour dates have been announced nor have any labels confirmed the possible "Blinker" tour ("Bleezer" tour? "Wink" tour?), but it wouldn’t be the first time that either band has paired up with another huge act for a set of tour dates.

Blink-182 has co-headlined along the likes of No Doubt and Green Day (another band they were rumored to be touring with this summer) while Weezer participated in the "Foozer" tour with the Foo Fighters in 2005.

In other Blink-182 tour news, bassist Mark Hoppus posted a snapshot of a possible setlist for the upcoming tour. The picture can be seen here. Fan favorites such as "Dammit," "All The Small Things," and "The Rock Show" are all present along with more songs spanning their entire catalog.

Additionally, Blink-182 is working on a new record which is likely to be released in early 2010.

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